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Has the moment finally arrived when we look back upon Freaky Friday as a model of comedic sophistication? Let's rescind that: The mother-daughter switcherooparticularly the underrated Jamie Lee Curtis--Lindsay Lohan remakedoesn't deserve our snideness, especially when it knows to start with as wide a chasm as possible between starchy, buttoned-down mom and surly adolescent. That's the main problem with the aggressively generic The Change-Up, which features two leads who have rarely suggested more than affable blankness.

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Drew Taylor. Before the title card has even popped up on screen, Jason Batemanplaying a stressed out husband, father, and pivotally lawyer, gets poop sprayed onto his face and, seconds later, into his mouth. The problems arise, later on, though, when the truly outrageous stuff uneasily mingles with more earthbound relationship issues and the film winds up being a tepid mixture of both.

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Jump to navigation. The Change-Up is Freaky Friday if it got its freak on. In this case, sex, sex, and more sex.

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Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Hidden beneath all of the crude comedy is the message that if you take a hard look at your life, you'll see areas that need improvement and should take the opportunity to better yourself and love your family and friends.

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A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters. Please make your quotes accurate. Quotes will be submitted for approval by the RT staff.

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Mitch Planko: This is a calendar. It has a schedule of everything you need to do of everyday. It is at least 15 hours in a day.

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On the other hand, familiarity with both body-switch comedies and Judd Apatow laffers is indispensable for understanding just where this raunchy Apatow imitation with a heart of Lipitor goes wrong. The switcheroo goes down because the two buddies-since-childhood do something stupid during a Guys' Night Out in their hometown of Atlanta: They pee in a fountain. Specifically, they pee in a fountain presided over by a stony statue of the Greek goddess Metis while drunkenly declaring to each other, ''I wish I had your life!

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I definitely can't. There was that one with Jason Bateman, that other one that didn't have Jason Bateman but probably should have, the other one that had Jason Bateman in a supporting role, and now "The Change-Up," which features Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds switching dicks. OK, yes, that's unfair -- Bateman and Reynolds switch bodies, lives, dwellings and significant squeezes, "Freaky Friday" fashion.

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When a successful career man, father and husband Jason Bateman switches bodies with his slacker lady's man friend Ryan Reynoldsthe two of them explore lives they never had, and they gradually learn to appreciate their own. Directed by David Dobkin. A woman's bare breasts and buttocks are visible as she disrobes; a man watches and makes a crude remark to himself about having sex with her.

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Aug 9. Posted by hawkripjaw. The allure of seeing Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds become each other sounded too good to be true. If that sounds funny, stop reading now and go see The Change-Up.


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