Brownish yellow vaginal discharge

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Take a quiz to find out what might be causing your. Ladies and curious gentlementoday's topic may not be the sexiest one, but it's an important aspect of every woman's health: vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is something that many women are curious about and want to discuss, but feel reluctant bringing up.

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Is the color of your vaginal discharge telling you something important about your health? Normal vaginal discharge is milky or white and is odorless. But sometimes, an imbalance of bacteria in your vagina can cause your discharge to change color.

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Women's Health. Yellow discharge is usually nothing to worry about. Yellow discharge is usually a small amount of blood mixed in with your cervical fluid or the result of small fluctuations in your hormonal balance.

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Finding brown discharge in your underwear or as you wipe can be troubling. If this has never happened to you before, you could feel scared as to what it means, or whether it could be a sign of trouble. But the good news is that brown discharge is simply old blood.

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Vaginal discharge is normal, and will vary throughout your menstrual cycle. Abnormal vaginal discharge differs in color, consistency, smell or quantity compared to your usual discharge. Abnormal vaginal discharge may be a symptom of a bacterial imbalance, an infection or an STI, or in rare cases, cervical cancer.

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Skip navigation! Story from Body. But for the rest of us, discharge is an almost daily occurrence.

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Before ovulation the release of the eggthere is a lot of mucous produced, up to 30 times more than after ovulation. It is also more watery and elastic during that phase of your cycle. You may want to wear panty liners during that time.

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In order to know whether your discharge is considered normal, there are a few factors to consider. There are many different types of vaginal dischargeand a quick assessment of the amount, color, consistency, phase of menstrual cycle, and smell of your vaginal discharge are all hints to whether you should ride it out or make an appointment with your gynecologist. Discharge with a smell hints to an infection of some sort, which means that if you have yellow discharge without odor, it may be yellow due to factors other than infection. Light-yellow or pale-yellow discharge without odor or any other symptoms may be considered normal.

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Women's Health. The release of brown discharge is often caused by a small amount of old blood mixing with your normal vaginal discharge. This creates a brown tinge.

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Discharge helps your vaginal tissues stay healthy, provides lubrication, and keeps your vagina clean, according to the Mayo Clinic. But seeing an unexpected color of vaginal discharge may give you pause which is the more low-key way of saying it might totally freak you out. Here are the different colors your vaginal discharge can be and why. White discharge is often totally normal, Lauren StreicherM.


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